Why Celebrate Your Favorite HVAC Tech This June?

At Air Comfort Service, Inc. our entire team is looking forward to celebrating all of our HVAC techs this June 22nd. This HVAC Technician Day will be the fourth annual celebration of HVAC techs.

This day is dedicated to recognizing and honoring the extraordinary work that these professionals do to ensure that all of their customers’ indoor air comfort needs are met.

Our team is among the best in the industry and we are so proud to honor our techs. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of them for their extraordinary and tireless work for our customers.

It All Starts with Recruiting

We have a long history of providing the highest quality of heating and air conditioning services. One of the ways we continue to maintain this standard is through our thorough recruiting and hiring process.

Our hiring centers on our golden rule of recruitment: we only consider technicians that have the licenses and knowledge to provide the highest quality of HVAC services.

In addition to this requirement, we look for individuals that are reliable, trustworthy and service-oriented. Our thorough recruiting and hiring processes have proven effective and enabled us to be an award-winning company with a loyal base of extraordinary customers.

Your Living Conditions With no HVAC

If you’ve ever been without air conditioning on one of the hottest days of the summer, you appreciate some of the benefits that your HVAC system provides.

But, have you ever considered how many different aspects of your life that your HVAC system affects? For example, would you use the same appliances or prepare the same food without heating and cooling services?

Or, would you select the same furniture or use the same fabrics? For many people, the everyday choices that they make are in large part a result of their indoor comfort, which is made possible by their heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

It only takes a few minutes of thinking about how different your quality of life would be without these systems to appreciate how important they are. Thank you, technicians, for ensuring that all of our customers consistently get to enjoy the luxury of great HVAC systems.

What it Takes to be a Great HVAC Technician

Our technicians handle all of our customers’ indoor comfort needs. To do this, they have to have extensive knowledge and training. Among their many responsibilities, HVAC techs:

  • Install heating, cooling and ventilation systems.
  • Perform regular maintenance on HVAC systems, including inspections and performance tests.
  • Respond to customer inquiries.
  • Perform 24/7 emergency repairs.

The job of an HVAC technician is not easy, yet our techs consistently handle the demands effectively and professionally. What we’re even more proud of, they always keep our customers and quality service as their priority!

If you know any HVAC tradesmen, make sure that you wish them a happy HVAC Technician Day this June 22. Are you interested in a career in HVAC? If so – or if you have any HVAC questions – please call us today at (314) 480-3384.