Heater Repair

High-class heater repair service in St. Louis.

Hidden behind the sweltering heat of summer days in St. Louis, MO are chilly evenings. Temperatures get mighty low when the sun goes down, especially during wintertime. Calling for heating repair service can be crucial for those who want to make sure they sleep in a warm bed every night.

The heating repair contractors at Air Comfort Service, Inc. are equipped with the right tools and training to make sure nobody has to face the elements when the weather is close to freezing. Homeowners can count on us to help when they need it most.

Signs You Need Heating Repair Service

If you don’t want to go a moment without heating, it’s best to call for repairs before the appliance breaks down completely. In many cases, a heater will show signs of decline before going kaput. Here are a few things to watch out for:


    Funny smells coming from the heating appliance


    A difference between the temperature and what’s on the thermostat


    Big spikes in your monthly utility bill


    Banging noises or loud vibrations coming from the system

Sometimes a perfectly functional heating system may shut itself off for no apparent reason. Before calling for service, try turning it back on and wait to see if it goes off again. If your heater showcases any of the above symptoms, however, there could be problems on the horizon. In this case, pick up the phone and call for help.


Benefits of Heater Maintenance

The best way to protect your heating system is by taking preventative measures. This includes scheduling regular maintenance on the appliance. Often this is enough to avert any major problems. Plus, a unit that’s kept in prime condition for as long as possible will show signs of aging at a much slower pace. This means your heater will last longer and won’t require replacement as quickly. It will also save you money by running more efficiently for a longer period of time and reduce the frequency of repairs.

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Homeowners in the St. Louis, MO area count on us to be their go-to heating repair company. Stay warm this winter and get reliable service at an affordable price.