Dehumidifier Installation

Effective dehumidifier services in St. Louis

Summer days in St. Louis, MO, which are already hot most of the time, can feel much worse if the humidity is high. The air can become thick and sticky, which makes it more difficult to function. If you’re seeking relief from the humidity and a way to boost the air quality in your home, one of the least expensive ways to accomplish this is by purchasing a dehumidifier.

The technicians at Air Comfort Service, Inc. can help you get started with dehumidifier installation and dehumidifier repair services. By putting one of these devices in your home, you can enjoy cool, crisp air that’s easier to breathe.

What is a whole house dehumidifier?

A whole-house dehumidifier can help manage humidity levels in every room of your home as a single unit connected with the existing HVAC system. Conversely, the small plug-in appliances require several units throughout your house.

It’s for this reason whole-house dehumidifiers are considered more eco-friendly. Instead of running a number of smaller appliances simultaneously, these make use of your existing ductwork to help clean up the air in your home. An extra benefit of whole-house models is they operate automatically and are easy to maintain, which means they won’t need to be serviced often.

Ways a Dehumidifier Can Help You

The only way to pull the water out of the air and make your home more dry and comfortable on a hot and humid day is by purchasing a dehumidifier. High humidity levels can also have a damaging effect on your home and the people within. Here are a few signs that indicate you’re in need of a dehumidifier:

  • Allergy attacks while inside become common

  • Water marks appear on walls and ceilings

  • Air becomes thick, stuffy and difficult to breathe

  • Mold and mildew are seen growing indoors

  • There’s condensation built up on your windows

  • Hands feel moist and clammy while inside


If you experience any of the above, installing a dehumidifier in your home may be the solution. Protect your home from damaging moisture and anybody under your roof who may suffer from a respiratory condition by purchasing one of these appliances.

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