Furnace Repair

Dependable furnace repair service in St. Louis.

In spite of the scorching hot days we experience during summer in St. Louis, MO, temperatures can approach freezing levels at night, especially during wintertime. It’s incumbent upon every homeowner to find access to a furnace repair company to fix this key appliance when it breaks down.

The furnace repair contractors at Air Comfort Service, Inc. are here to serve you. All of our staff are well-equipped and receive up-to-date training on home comfort appliances. We also offer 24-hour service in case of emergencies so we can help when you need it most.

Signs You Need A Furnace Contractor

Identifying the symptoms of a furnace on the verge of breaking down could go a long way toward avoiding the prospect of a shivering cold night. It’s best to contact a furnace repair company ahead of time so you don’t go a second longer without heating than necessary. Here are a few things to keep an eye on:


    Loud vibrations or banging noises being made by the appliance


    Trouble maintaining the temperature in your home


    Funny odors coming from the furnace itself


    Large and unexpected spikes on your utility bill

There may be times when your furnace shuts off unexpectedly and for no apparent reason. Try turning it back on and seeing if there are any further problems before calling for repairs. But if the appliance displays any of the red flags listed above, it could mean more trouble on the way. Don’t hesitate in this case to call up a furnace repair contractor.


Advantages of Furnace Maintenance

If you want to help make sure you don’t have to deal with a broken furnace, the best method is to schedule maintenance for your appliance on a regular basis. Most of the time this will be enough to avoid major problems that require furnace repair service. In addition, scheduling a heating system check each year will slow down its decline. The unit will last longer—meaning you won’t need to replace it as quickly—and run more efficiently. This will reduce utility costs over time and result in less frequent repairs.

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