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Save Money for Holiday Shopping With HVAC Maintenance

Decrease Heating & Cooling Costs, Have More Money Left Over For Gifts

This year, many people find themselves pinching pennies to get by. With the holidays approaching, it's more important than ever to save up for the Thanksgiving feast and holiday gifts. One way to save money is by reducing utility bills, which can be accomplished through routine HVAC maintenance. From getting professional HVAC maintenance to upgrading the thermostat or even something simple like changing the air filter, there are many ways to improve the HVAC system's performance and save money.

Follow these tips to save money on heating and cooling costs.

Routinely Replace the Air Filter

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The air filter's role is to trap hair, dirt, dust, debris, and other particles to keep the air clean. Air filters also help to keep the heater clean. But when the filter becomes clogged, the heater must work much harder to distribute heat evenly throughout the home.

The easiest way to lighten the load on the HVAC system is to change the air filter routinely. Most furnace filters have a recommended lifespan printed on the label; depending on the filter's quality, this can be anywhere from three to six months. Be sure to change the filter after that period. When installing the filter, write the installation date on the filter to help keep track.

Instead of replaceable filters, many air conditioners have reusable filters that can be vacuumed or washed. When they follow the manufacturer's instructions to clean them, homeowners will notice an improvement in air quality as well as savings on their electric bill.

Upgrade To a Programmable Thermostat

Another trick to save money on heating and cooling is something many people never think about: replacing their thermostat with a programmable one. Traditional thermostats need to be adjusted manually, and forgetting to do so can lead to the HVAC system running more often or for longer than it should.

With a programmable thermostat, homeowners can set up what times they want their heating and cooling to turn on. This way, the HVAC system will only run when someone is home to enjoy it. For example, they might want the furnace to be set low during work/school hours, but turn on a half-hour before everyone gets home, so the house is nice and warm. Later, they might like the furnace to turn down again at bedtime to make for more comfortable sleeping. Running the HVAC system only when truly needed will lower fuel and electric bills.

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Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

Professional HVAC maintenance is an important factor in prolonging the life of the heater and air conditioning unit. A tune-up includes checking electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, adjusting moving parts, cleaning the unit's interior, and looking for rust or corrosion. When all the parts work together perfectly, the unit is much more efficient, which will be reflected as savings on utility bills.

Furthermore, a licensed HVAC technician will know what signs of trouble to look for and will be able to catch any issues before they become a major problem. It's better to pay a small amount for a minor repair than to break the bank on a major repair, which might include replacing expensive parts or installing a whole new unit. The cost of an annual tune-up is minor, comparatively, and helps save money in the long run.

When looking to get repairs or maintenance done on the heater or air conditioner, be sure to look for a trusted HVAC company with licensed technicians who are experienced with heating and cooling services.

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