Heater Installation

First-class heater installation service in St. Louis.

If you want to make sure you don’t go a moment without heating in your home, it’s best to shop around for a replacement unit before the current one breaks down completely. By recognizing when a heater is close to the end of its life, you can prepare to purchase new one. Buying a modern, eco-friendly system might cost a lot of money upfront, but could also save you money in the future with lower utility costs.

On top of that, the more a heater ages, the more repairs it will require. This can quickly cause the costs of maintaining your heater to get out of hand. At this point you should be considering the purchase of a new appliance. If you need help determining whether or not it’s a good time to find a replacement, ask one of our technicians for their insight the next time you make a service call or contact us to make an appointment with one of our estimators. Estimates are free!

Is Your Heater on the Decline?

Often, before an appliance stops working there will be signs of its decline. If you know what to look out for it can help you prepare for its impending replacement. Here are a few signs that may indicate your heater is on its last legs:


    Funny smells come from the appliance


    Trouble maintaining the temperature in a room


    Big increases in your monthly utility costs


    Banging noises or vibrations from inside the unit

Have you noticed any of the above symptoms as it pertains to your heater? If so, it may be indicative of a larger problem and require immediate attention. Contact us to inspect the appliance and find out if it needs replacing.

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