To Duct, or Not to Duct: That is The Question

There are two basic types of HVAC system: duct and ductless. If you enjoy central air conditioning or heating, you are enjoying the benefits of a duct system, in which tunnels or ducts create a passage for air to travel through to each room in your home.

If you have window or wall mounted units throughout your home, you enjoy the many benefits of a ductless system, including the ability to cool or heat each room to its own unique specifications. There are also central AC systems, called ductless mini-splits, that offer centralized AC without the need for air ducts.

There are lots of factors that differentiate between a duct and a ductless air system! Read on to learn a bit more about some of them!

Air Handler

Now you may be thinking “without a system of ducts, how can air circulate throughout my home?” That’s what an air handler is for.

In the case of a mini split system or heat pump system, the air handler is responsible for regulating and circulating cool air (or warm air, depending on what function your HVAC system is playing) throughout your home.

An air blower, on the other hand, serves the same function in a duct system. IT takes the cooled (or heated) air from the HVAC unit and blows it into the ducts to be distributed throughout your home.

Air Flow

If you are looking for the air cooling system that circulates air better, then you’ll want a duct system. Ductless mini split systems are not designed to circulate air around large spaces, but rather to blow cool air into a room.

Central AC with air ducts make for better airflow throughout the entire home, since they help to move the air from room to room.

In a duct system, the ducts not only guide cool air from the central unit to various rooms in your house, but they also guide the warmer air back to the unit to be cooled again.

The same goes for the warm air that is blown out during winter: warm air travels through the ducts to the roof, and cooler air travels back to the unit to be heated again. A ductless system just continues to blow out cool air (or warm air during winter), without any return system.

Save Space

Mini split systems are usually preferred in smaller homes like apartments or condos where all available closet space is needed.

This is because the air handlers in a mini-split system can be mounted right on the wall or window in each room, leaving more available storage space in utility closets.

They are also ideal for new add-ons to homes because they can cool the space without needing to install ductwork.

Still not sure if your home is better off using a duct system or a ductless system? That’s perfectly alright! It’s important to really do your research and find out which option is best for you and your home.

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