Summer AC Maintenance Benefits

Air Conditioner Maintenance Benefits

There is more strain put on the home air conditioning unit during the summer than in any other season. Air conditioners have to work hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during the hot summer months! Homeowners can do their part to keep the air conditioning running this summer with these three professional AC maintenance tips.

  • Replace air filters every 1-3 months
  • Keep the area around the HVAC unit clean
  • Hire an AC technician for maintenance and repairs

Doing annual or bi-annual maintenance on the air conditioner can help to improve the longevity of the system and prevent unnecessary repairs. Fixing small problems with the AC early on will help to prevent a total system breakdown. During maintenance appointments, the technician will have a chance to inspect the air conditioner and fix any small problems before they worsen.

Replace Air Filter On Time

Homeowners are typically responsible for changing their air filters. This process usually takes five to ten minutes altogether, and one can find air filters at local hardware stores. Some people, such as the elderly, rely on AC technicians to change the air filter on time. The air filter needs to be swapped out for a clean one every 1-3 months.

Homeowners who smoke inside, have pets, or live with a large family should change their air filters more often. Air filters are a mesh screen placed over the HVAC unit’s air intake to filter out airborne particles of dust, dirt, and animal hair.

Without a clean air filter, the air conditioner can become clogged up with debris until the system breaks down. Failing to change the air filter on time can also cause a spike in power bills because of the inefficient performance of the dirty HVAC system. During the summer heat, the AC is running all the time, so it might be beneficial to change the filter more than usual.

Clean Around the HVAC Unit

It is important to keep the area around the HVAC unit clean, both outside and inside. One should never cover the air intake of the HVAC unit. Keeping the area around the outdoor portion of the HVAC unit clear is important for preventing problems with the AC during the summer.

Leaves and outdoor sticks could become lodged in the outdoor HVAC unit and cause problems. It is best to keep the areas around the HVAC unit as clean and tidy as possible. Grime and dirt from outdoor plant growth around the unit could also contribute to dirty air conditioner coils, causing an increase in the cost of cooling because of inefficient performance.

Hire a Professional Air Conditioning Technician

Having a professional air conditioning technician do regular maintenance checks on the AC has many benefits, including improving the air conditioner’s longevity and lowering power bills. HVAC units are a significant financial investment, and without regular maintenance, homeowners may end up with a total system breakdown.

Doing routine maintenance with an AC technician protects homeowners’ investment in their HVAC system. During maintenance appointments, the air conditioner technician will have a chance to open up the air conditioner to clean the evaporator coils and check for broken parts.

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