Staying Home for Valentine’s Day? Make Sure the House Stays Warm & Cozy!

Maximize the Home’s Heating Efficiency for a Romantic Night In!

Valentine’s Day plans don’t have to involve dressing up and going to a fancy restaurant – although that can be a great way to celebrate. There’s nothing wrong with staying in, enjoying a home-cooked dinner (or ordering in), and curling up on the couch with a good romance flick. But for those who’d rather stay in with their sweethearts this Valentine’s Day, the evening plans probably don’t include fighting off the February chill.

Unfortunately, that’s just what many homeowners may find themselves doing – many homes (especially older ones) tend to get chilly in the winter, thanks to poor insulation, outdated windows and doors, and dozens of small leaks where heat escapes. So this article will lay out three simple ways homeowners can keep their homes warm and cozy for their big date night!

Eliminate Drafts

One of the biggest causes of heat loss is leaks or gaps in parts of the home. These are commonly found around exterior doors, windows, baseboards, and attic entry points. Thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, warm air inside the home will naturally find these cracks and escape while a proportional amount of cold air rushes in, creating drafts.

Fortunately, drafts are fairly easy and inexpensive to eliminate. Some can be found by feeling alone (running a hand around a door frame to check for cold air) or by sight (turning off all the lights, closing the blinds, and looking for slivers of daylight) – but others may require a special instrument like a thermal leak detector, which can be found at most hardware stores.

Once any leaks are found, homeowners can seal them by installing weatherstripping around doors and windows, applying caulk or insulating foam sealant, or adding insulation to walls or ceilings (this is often necessary for uninsulated attics and crawlspaces).

Install Energy Efficient Windows

Adding weatherstripping around windows can help reduce heat loss if air leaks around the window frame. But in some cases, the window itself may be the problem. Glass conducts heat, so a significant amount of warmth can be lost as indoor air comes in contact with a cold window. A cold window can even draw heat from the body, which is why sitting next to a window on a chilly night can make anyone reach for a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa.

But Energy Star windows have a solution to these problems. These windows are designed to minimize thermal conductivity, eliminate air gaps, and even reduce the amount of heat lost in the form of light. This is achieved through various means, including using multiple panes of glass separated by an inert (non-conductive) gas, special glazing on the glass itself, and superior frame construction.

Installing new windows can greatly impact a home’s energy efficiency. Still, it can also be a big project, so homeowners should consult an HVAC expert or energy auditor to determine if this home upgrade is right for them.

Have the HVAC System Serviced By a Reputable Professional

Another possible reason the home isn’t staying warm is a lack of proper maintenance. If the system hasn’t been serviced in a while or has only been worked on by an unqualified handyman, hidden issues could hinder its performance. Leaky ductwork, a failing blower motor, faulty burners, and dirty condenser coils can lead to inadequate heating. HVAC technicians can spot and resolve these problems, but even better, they can prevent them altogether through regular maintenance and inspections.

However, it’s vital to hire a qualified and reputable company to ensure that all work is done properly and according to code. When looking for a heating contractor to hire, homeowners should always ensure the candidates are licensed and insured in their state, have positive customer reviews, and provide written estimates upfront. They should also offer a thorough home assessment to help homeowners determine whether to install windows, insulate certain areas, or upgrade the HVAC system for greater efficiency!

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