Is an HVAC Maintenance Plan Worth It for the Average Homeowner?

What are the Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Convenience and peace of mind are brought to many homeowners when they have an HVAC maintenance plan. These plans regularly take care of heating and cooling needs by providing upkeep and cleaning services throughout the year with regularly scheduled appointments. One of the best parts of this membership plan is that it offers a 15% discount on any repairs that may arise.

Before any homeowner falls prey to large replacement and installation prices, maintaining proper care by hiring professionals can ease financial burdens from occurring later. A trusted company’s ability to have 24 hour response time regarding heating and cooling emergencies is simply a must-have for homeowners.

All About the Maintenance Membership Plan

An HVAC Membership Plan is a simple plan where a homeowner pays a fee, and in exchange, the providing company offers maintenance and services for the HVAC system. Some companies offer different types of maintenance membership plans, such as a Comfort Plan and Elite Plan. Both plans offer discounts on diagnostic fees and repairs just at different values. While the Elite Plan has a few extra offers, including guaranteed service within 12 hours, both can be paid annually or through monthly installments. When paying monthly, the 12th month is free!

Licensed and trained technicians are here to service a full range of makes and models of heating and air conditioning systems. These are a few of the makes and models able to be serviced by qualified professionals:

  • Sears
  • Whirlpool
  • GE
  • Westinghouse
  • Bryant
  • Rheem
  • Burnham
  • York
  • Lennox

Never Miss Important Maintenance Services Again

Checkups, upkeep, and yearly maintenance can go a long way in making HVAC systems last as long as possible. By doing these yearly checkups, cleanings, and regular maintenance, fewer major repairs will have to be done, allowing the unit to perform better. These things will lead to lower utility bills since everything will be running more smoothly and cost-efficiently.

These regular service checks help homeowners and their families by providing better air circulation and quality. This upkeep provided will help ensure proper ventilation, more indoor comfort, and contentment for homeowners. Routine maintenance for HVAC systems should be done at least twice a year, generally at the beginning of Spring and Fall.

Other Benefits and Conveniences of the HVAC Membership Plan

A fantastic benefit from the HVAC membership plan is that not only will it help the equipment and systems to last longer, but they will work more reliably and systematically. Every year that an HVAC system does not or has not received maintenance causes its energy efficiency to drop by 5%. Keeping the unit up to date will save money throughout the year and in the future.

Take the step of removing stress from homeownership by signing up for an HVAC membership. This way the scheduling, upkeep, and maintenance are handled by a company that can be relied on. Prompt priority and ongoing service are other pros about having one of these membership plans. Every visit from a qualified technician will deliver thorough and concise solutions tailored to each unit and home.

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