HVAC March Madness!

Across the country, the month of March looks different to different people. In some places, there is still snow on the ground that has yet to melt. In other areas, the temperatures are already well into the eighties. Flowers are growing here, but still wilting there.

It’s important to keep tabs on weather conditions, as well as other environmental factors not only in the spring but all year long. All of these environmental changes are affecting your HVAC system, and you may not even realize how much. Let’s check in for a moment with a few factors that could potentially pollute your indoor air without you even noticing.


It’s no secret that outside air is polluted by machines such as cars, airplanes, and trains. For decades, carpooling has been promoted as a way everyone can do their part to help the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are linked to the disintegrating ozone layer, leading to the issue of global warming.

While that on its own should be enough to encourage people to share rides to work, have you ever stopped to think about how your car’s emissions also affect your HVAC system?

All of that pollution from cars does find its way back into the homes of people just like you, giving your HVAC system the added responsibility of cleaning the outside air that comes in along with the air that’s already circulating in your home.

Smoking Indoors

Another pollutant that makes it harder for your HVAC system to do its job is smoking indoors. Much in the same way that smoking fills your lungs with smoke, tar, and other chemicals, making it hard for your lungs to function over time, smoking indoors can clog up your air filter with smoke, making it hard for it to catch dust and other pollutants.

Not to mention the fact that cigarette smoke circulating through your HVAC system can make your entire house smell like cigarettes. To avoid your smoking ruining the air quality in your home, keep smoking contained to outside areas only.

Clean Dehumidifier

During times of seasonal changes, like the end of March, for example, it’s essential that you keep all aspects of your indoor air quality in check, including your dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier is a crucial piece of your HVAC unit because it protects the condenser coil from unnecessary wear and tear by filtering out dust and other pollutants, so that only clean, dry air is blown out to the rest of the house. A clean dehumidifier can make the difference between high and low air quality.

We know that March Madness affects different people to different degrees. If you happen to be the lucky one to fill out a perfect bracket, it will affect you far more than if you don’t fill out a bracket at all. But you see, March isn’t just “mad” in the NCAA. There are crazy environmental factors in play as the seasons change this month that also affect us all in different ways. Whatever state your March Madness bracket is in, or whatever state the air outside is in, don’t let it negatively affect your HVAC system.