How to Keep Clean Indoor Air

Keeping Air Clean Matters

If there’s one thing HVAC professionals wish homeowners understood better, it would be the need to keep their indoor air cleaner. Having clean, fresh, breathable air is an essential part of improving overall quality of life. Poor air quality can contribute to poor health conditions, worsening illness, increased respiratory difficulties such as asthma and can even impact your sleep! Cleaner air can also lower energy consumption and improve HVAC efficiency, all at the same time.

HVAC pros care about the communities where they work. They want their customers to live well, thrive in health and enjoy everything about their homes. Even though it’s a simple adjustment, having clean air can dramatically improve life. Here are a few tips you can put into practice to get the best air quality possible.

Energy-Efficient Air Quality

Over the last several years, the government has encouraged homeowners to change their inefficient appliances for energy-efficient options. In some states, there was even an initiative to encourage homeowners to switch to solar! Why has the government encouraged these initiatives, and why do most professional HVAC companies?

The more energy-efficient a home, the better the air quality! While energy efficiency and air quality may not sound like they have much to do with each other, they’re surprisingly linked.
Energy-efficient appliances such as the HVAC unit, washer, dryer and even refrigerator help reduce indoor and outdoor air pollutants. Combine all of these things and there is an overall reduction of indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Even if homeowners can’t change every appliance and convert their homes to solar, simple changes will provide a beneficial impact on their homes and the air they breathe.

Air Filters for Air Quality

If HVAC units are regularly ignored, then the air filters within those units are forgotten about completely. Unfortunately, it’s not the HVAC unit alone that provides good air quality within your home.

Each unit has an air filter inside. When air circulates through the unit, it all goes through the filter and back into the home. The filter is what cleans the air. These filters should be changed around once every other month, or each month for the cleanest air possible.

Air filters help with:

  • Dust
  • Allergens
  • Mold
  • Dander

Once a filter lasts for a month or two, it can no longer filter these particles from the air efficiently. The filter needs to be changed so it won’t endlessly recycle dust and allergens back into the air.

Air Out Furniture Regularly

Furniture is often neglected as much as HVAC units, but they’re a common household trap for dust and allergens such as cat hair, dog hair, pet dander and pollen. Homeowners should regularly vacuum in and around their furniture to draw out as much dust and debris as they can. Then, if able, they should take their furniture outside to air out. The sun’s UV light will help neutralize odors and smells.

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