The Early Bird Stays Comfortable: Spring Into HVAC Maintenance!

How To Get a Jumpstart on Spring Maintenance!

Winter is still hanging around, and most homes aren’t even dreaming of turning on the air conditioner right now. But, late winter and early spring are the best time for air conditioning maintenance. The saying goes that the early bird gets the worm, and that applies to air conditioning too! Getting a jump on maintenance can save homeowners time and money and make the whole process of cooling the home down this summer easier!

NOW Is the Perfect Time for AC Maintenance

Why even think about getting the AC checked up when there’s still snow on the ground? First and foremost, because no one else is thinking about it! When it’s still cold out, AC technicians aren’t slammed with appointments for air conditioning maintenance and repairs. It’s easier to get an appointment scheduled when there’s a real availability of technicians.

Secondly, getting the A/C checked before the summer prevents a lot of headaches. No one wants to turn the air conditioning on to cool down on the first hot day of summer, only to find out that their unit is busted. Getting the air conditioner serviced before summer arrives helps assure that the unit will be ready to face the heat.

What Needs a Tune-Up?

So maintenance has been scheduled, and an air conditioning technician will be by soon. What exactly will they be doing when they arrive? Air conditioning maintenance consists of inspecting parts and any repairs or upkeep needed to keep the unit functioning properly. Most parts of the air conditioner will receive attention during a maintenance appointment.

Typically, the HVAC technician will look at the coils and condenser and make sure they are unobstructed and correctly absorbing and releasing heat. They’ll verify that the electrical components are in good shape and the thermostat is responding to commands appropriately.

The technician will also clear and drain the condensation tray, refill the refrigerant, and lubricate the motor parts to reduce the wear and tear on the system. They may also replace the air filter, something that homeowners should do once a month when the unit is in use.

Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance

Annual air conditioning maintenance is essential to a home’s comfort in the summer.

Annual maintenance reduces the long-term costs of the air conditioning unit. A properly functioning AC uses less power than a struggling system. Additionally, a well-maintained unit lasts longer and requires fewer repairs during its lifespan.

Additionally, properly maintained air conditioning units keep the home healthier and more comfortable than ill-maintained units. Regularly replacing the AC filters helps to keep the air in the home cleaner and easier to breathe. A well-maintained unit is less likely to fail when demands increase during the hottest months of the year.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, regular air conditioning maintenance serves as a chance for small issues to be addressed before they become big problems. An HVAC technician can address leaks, decaying parts, and damages to the unit, and homeowners can be made aware of anything they should keep an eye out for that might indicate an ongoing issue with their air conditioner.

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