Peace Day This Year is Focused on Climate Change

September 21st is when we celebrate the International Day of Peace, sometimes simply called Peace Day. Peace Day was created in 1981 by a United Nations Resolution. The purpose of the day is to spread peace and encourage all people to work towards creating a culture of peace.

This year the day’s focus is on climate change and on raising awareness about the fact that combating climate change is a way to promote peace.

In honor of this year’s celebration, today we’ll talk about some small things we can all do to help combat climate change. It’s our hope that we can all work together to help keep the planet as comfortable as it is inside your home with the air conditioning on.

Recognizing Social Effects

As we all work to do our part to combat climate change, it’s helpful to think about the social effects that climate change will have. Raising awareness about these effects can help to inspire change and to unite us all in a concerted effort to help protect the environment.

Among its social effects, climate change can result in movements in population and an increased reliance on artificial climate systems.

As you can imagine, these both mean an increase in electrical usage, which only works to exacerbate environmental issues. To help minimize or avoid some of these social effects, it’s important that we all work actively to combat climate change.

Focus on Programmable Thermostats

Speaking of an increase in energy use, by not using your thermostat or HVAC system efficiently, you can use much more energy in your home than you need.

One simple way to avoid this common issue is by utilizing a programmable thermostat. These enable you to control the temperature of your home throughout the day and avoid having your system running at full blast all of the time.

Proper usage of a programmable thermostat could result in as much as a 30% decrease in your heating and cooling costs. That’s a substantial decrease and clearly results in a noticeable decrease in your utility bills and your home’s energy use. It’s a win-win, so if you’re not already using a programmable thermostat, start doing so this fall.

Celebrate by Planting a Tree

One easy, fun and memorable thing you can do to commemorate Peace Day this year is to plant a tree. This simple act can have a substantial impact on the environment as trees absorb carbon dioxide and significantly improve air quality.

Plus, as the tree matures, it might even provide some shade to your home, making it more efficient to cool in the summer. If we all take a few minutes to plant a tree this Peace Day, it would be a good first step towards coming together to combat climate change.

We hope you’ll use these tips to help make some small changes to protect the environment. In addition to the ideas we’ve shared, please keep thinking of other things that you can do to help. Whether it’s walking a little more, carpooling or planting a garden, remember that every little bit helps.