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One Should Always do Boiler Inspections Before the Winter

Boilers Prevent Homes From Freezing

Homes with both modern and traditional ductwork can benefit from a boiler system. It is an environmentally-friendly way to recycle heat from steam. Unlike a furnace, boilers do not require gas or oil to circulate high temperatures. They do, however, require maintenance.

What Exactly Is a Boiler?

A boiler’s main job is to heat water so steam can be evenly distributed through the radiators. High-temperature water tanks allow homeowners to save money by reducing the energy needed to heat an entire house. Although boilers do not technically boil water, a hot water tank can range from 130 and 180 degrees. 

Homeowners usually prefer boilers over furnaces because they provide a more comfortable atmosphere. Water can heat a room for longer while spreading the warmth evenly from floor to ceiling. Furnaces that rely on warm air will provide most heat higher toward the ceiling. 

Furnaces are often cheaper than boiler systems but require more maintenance. Although annual inspections are necessary, boilers can last for 15 to 20 years. 

Common Boiler Issues To Look Forboiler

Low boiler pressure is a common problem that one can fix quickly, depending on the pressure gauge. If the boiler pressure is below 1.5, this begins to cause problems during the early winter. Anything below 1 and the boiler will cease to function.

A loose seal or leak usually causes low pressure. If there are visible cracks, this can be tempting to fix on the spot, but it is extremely dangerous without a qualified professional. When replacing or removing boiler casings, a technician familiar with gas safety is recommended.

A faulty boiler system can cause cold water. A boiler is separate from a water heater, but it does play a role in warm tap water. This is usually due to damaged valves or airlocks but can be fixed by adjusting the pressure gauge. 

Each boiler works slightly differently, depending on the manufacturer. Homeowners that still possess the original user guide can potentially find where the problem is located. For older models, a licensed HVAC professional can help with boiler services.

Boilers making banging noises are not normal. This is a sign the system needs boiler repair or boiler replacement services. Strange noises can be caused by various issues inside the system, including the air itself. Low water pressure, known as “kettling,” is especially common in older heaters. 


Winter Boiler Maintenance Tips

Before December, it’s important to check the thermostat. Batteries may need to be replaced, and an upgrade can be useful if the heating system is old. In addition to checking the outside components, cleaning the boiler system is recommended. 

To prevent a boiler from seizing, periodically run the heat several months before December. Leaving it on for just fifteen minutes per day can prolong the boiler heating system. If strange noises are coming from the radiator, call professionals immediately.   

Annual inspections are the best way to ensure a warm winter. This allows technicians to check all system components before the holiday season. Even if the thermostat is working correctly, a tune-up can prevent a boiler from leaking water, problems with water pressure, or heat distribution. A well-maintained boiler system can eliminate the need for future repairs while saving money on monthly electric bills.   

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