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Ring in the New Year With New Ducts!

Kick-off the New Year Right and Replace or Install New Ductwork

The new year signals a new start for not just homeowners but their home. There is no system more deserving of improvements than the HVAC system's air ducts. The home's ductwork is the highway that hot and cold air use to regulate the temperature of the home. 

The ducts are easily forgotten until something goes wrong, but they are essential to the home's functioning. Installing or replacing ductwork brings clearer air to the home, improves HVAC system efficiency, and increases home value. 

Most homeowners are reluctant to invest in expensive changes to a home unless it has become necessary, but when exactly is it necessary to look at replacing or installing brand new ductwork? Three major signs indicate that replacement is necessary. 

Reason 1: Poor Airflowbad smell

Is the heat cranked on high and no air coming out of the vents? Or maybe the A/C is running, but the house is still hot? These are signs of poor airflow, which points to ductwork troubles. On occasion, the ductwork only needs a good cleaning to fix the problem, but other issues are often contributing to the problem.

Ductwork can last for decades, but as it ages, leaks and gaps develop along the lines. Dents and punctures in the ductwork will let the hot and cold air escape, reducing airflow and taxing the HVAC system. Unfortunately, energy bills often increase as airflow efficiency decreases. Installing new, damage-free ductwork will increase the efficiency and airflow of the home. 

Reason 2: Mold & Other Odors

Are gross smells coming out of the vents? Does the air constantly smell musty in the home? There may be mold or allergens in the HVAC system. These irritants can cause illness, breathing problems, and autoimmune responses in the home's residents.

Mold and allergens spread easily along with the ductwork of a home. Getting rid of every single spore and shred of an allergen can be practically impossible. Cleaning may reduce the problem, but the only effective solution is fully replacing the ductwork. It's important to have an HVAC specialist locate what caused the mold in the first place and prevent the situation from happening in the new ductwork. 

Reason 3: Expanding the Home

The ductwork of a home is built to the specifications of the building plans. If homeowners are looking to expand the house or add new air conditioners or furnaces, they should make sure the existing ductwork will work for the new additions. 

Often, adding a new HVAC system to a home requires changing to ductwork. This is especially true in historic or older homes. Additionally, when homes are added to, perhaps expanding out into a mudroom or additional bedroom, the original build's ductwork will not work for the new additions. Ductwork will need to be added to the existing system, which may, in turn, need upgrading to handle the new set of ductwork demands. 

Keeping the ductwork of the home up to date keeps the home comfortable and healthy. Consider installing new ductwork to give the home the boost it needs for the new year!

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