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How to Include Heating And Cooling Decorations in Holiday Festivities

Easy Ways to Include Your HVAC System in the Festivities

Decorating a home for the holidays is a tradition. No matter how big or small a home is, one of the toughest areas to make festive is the HVAC system. Knowing how to safely decorate a home’s HVAC units can keep the house beautiful while also keeping the family safe. Here are a few tips on how best to dress up an outdoor unit, a window unit, and even the system vents! Happy holidays!

Use Your Outdoor Unit as a Prop!

outdoor hvac unitHVAC decorations for the outdoor unit can be difficult. Often, these units can be eyesores in the best of circumstances. Making them festive can take some creativity. One way to decorate an outdoor unit is by placing a small amount of fencing around it.

This can even be achieved with pallets! Simply place the fencing or pallet in front of the unit, and then thread Christmas lights through it. Homeowners should always remember to follow safe practices, like protecting the metal from the sun.

HVAC decorations outdoors should always allow for airflow through the unit without being blocked. This reduces the risk of any fires created by having a too hot unit touch electrical cords. Also, homeowners should make sure not to place any holiday decorations on top of the unit.

Hide Vents With Holiday Cheer

Another fun way to do some HVAC decorations this holiday season is by making your system vents festive. Since vents push out air, they can be decorated with tinsel or other fun sparkly string. That way, every time the heat kicks on, the tinsel will move around.

Other than a few decorations like that, the HVAC system vents should be left alone. However, it is perfectly fine and safe to place decorations around the ventilation system.

hvac system vents

Homeowners should take care not to block or cover the actual vent. This will make sure that the home continues to receive airflow while looking seasonally appropriate! Vents can be on the floor or on the ceiling, so make sure to check for both.

Many homeowners locate their Christmas tree right over a vent, but this should be avoided for safety reasons. The same goes for Christmas presents, which not only will stop airflow but can also be a fire hazard.

Don’t Ignore the Window Units

window hvacMany older homes don’t have HVAC units that are built into their homes. Homes like this will often just have a window unit, which can be a great way to keep the home’s temperature stable. Homeowners shouldn’t leave their window units out of the HVAC decoration fun!

Before decorating, however, the window unit should be checked to verify it doesn’t get hot to the touch. If not, the possibilities are endless! It can be covered with fake snow, or window clings, or even a tiny fake Christmas tree.

If the window HVAC unit is strictly used for air conditioning and is kept off during the winter, there are even companies that make covers for it. These covers come in all kinds of colors and patterns, and some even come already decked out for the holidays.

So, when decorating for the holidays, homeowners should make sure to remember the safety recommendations. This will make sure they have a festive but safe holiday season.

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