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How to Choose an Allergy Relief Filter

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Tips for Choosing Your Next Allergy Relief Air Filter

With a major focus on viruses and illness, many people are afraid of even the possibility of being around someone who’s sick. If you sneeze, cough, or even sniffle while in public, you might get some awkward or even downright rude glances from the people nearest to you.

It’s one thing if you’re really sick and have chosen to go out anyway, but even the most courteous of people can’t help it if they suffer from seasonal allergies. If you’re worried about this situation, you might want to consider getting a new air purifier for your home. Minimizing allergies can be convenient and can help make your home healthier and more comfortable for the entire family.

How Do HEPA Filters work?

hepa filtersHEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are designed to catch small particles in the air (such as dust or pollen), trapping them so that they cannot be breathed in.

They are made up of a pre-filter, an electrostatic precipitator, a carbon filter, and a fan that presses out fresh air. Particles are trapped first in the pre-filter.

Then, in the electrostatic precipitator, negatively charged electrons are ripped away from the particles by other, fast-moving electrons in the precipitator. This gives them a positive charge and forces them to stick to the negative-charge collector plate before they are finally pressed through the carbon filter.

This complex system is used and sometimes modified for many different brands of HEPA air filters, from the Levoit Compact Air Purifier to the Molekule units. Air purifiers can vary hugely in size, shape, and price, so it’s important to do your research before deciding which brand is best for your home, health needs, and budget.

What About Charcoal Filters?

charcoal filters

A charcoal filter is simply one that contains a carbon filter. These are very common. They suck contaminants to their surface, preventing them from continuing onward; this is called ‘adsorbing’ substances.

Note that this is different from ‘absorbing’ substances, because the filters don’t take the substances in, but rather force them to stick to the filters, preventing them from continuing forward.

Charcoal air filters are especially good for people with allergies because they can remove particles from cigarette smoke and other toxic compounds, and because they also can be useful for dealing with strong smells.

What Does ‘Eco Mode’ Do?

eco friendlyThe Eco Mode on some HEPA filters involves an option in which the filter will shut down when no particles are detected in the air. The filter then turns back on again when it detects particulate matter.

Because it turns back on automatically, it does not expose people to more risks than any other filter. This ability to turn on and off is helpful for the environment because it prevents the HEPA filter from wasting energy on trying to clean air that is already clean.

Over time, it can also help reduce your energy costs as well. A filter is an important part of a healthy home, and with the right filter in place, you can see an immediate reduction in allergy symptoms and discomfort.

Trust a Local Expert for Help

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