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HVAC March Madness!

Across the country, the month of March looks different to different people. In some places, there is still snow on the ground that has yet to melt. In other areas, the temperatures are already well into the eighties. Flowers are growing here, but still wilting there. It's important to keep tabs on weather conditions, as



Making Your Own Maintenance Plan

While long term HVAC maintenance plans may be great for homeowners, renters or people who move frequently won't find them to be very helpful. In those cases, Air Comfort Service, Inc. offers the opportunity to make your own maintenance plan. That's right- you choose the services you need when you need them. Don't worry about



Behind The HVAC Scenes: Who Invented AC & Heating?

Throughout history, people have done all they could to manipulate air to make indoor living spaces more comfortable. In ancient Rome, hypocaust systems pushed heated air up from under raised floors through a system of air ducts, heating rooms like saunas and public bathhouses. The mechanized rotary fan was invented to cool rooms in ancient