Is Your Boiler Being Used To Its Full Potential? Check Out These 6 Facts to Find Out!

Do you have a boiler heating your home or workplace? Or maybe you’re thinking of having one installed? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, we’ve got some basic facts you should know about how this technology can help you in your residence or business.

How It WorksThe name says it all. This is a form of environmental heating that works by applying high temperatures to water.

Once that water has been heated up, it is pumped through a series of pipes throughout a building.

When the water arrives at its destination, the heat from the water radiates to warm the air in the room. This is a bit different from a furnace, which first heats up air, then pumps that hot air into rooms.

No Need to Boil

While you might imagine that boilers vaporize water into steam, that’s not necessary for most home or business requirements.

Some boilers, for specific, industrial purposes may still bring water all the way up to the boiling point.

But for general heating purposes, 140° is the usual temperature water gets heated to before being circulated through a building.

No Humidity

Some people are concerned that because it’s water that is being used, this can add extra humidity to the air.

Today, however, this not likely to happen unless the boiler or its systems are damaged, and a leak occurs.

Under ordinary circumstances, boilers do not affect humidity, except, perhaps in the case of old, cast iron boilers, which can dry the air out, because they use the air in the building for combustion to work.

Water Pressure Matters

Like a good shower, good pressure is essential for smooth and efficient boiler operation.

Without high, consistent water pressure to pump the heated water throughout a home, a boiler is not warming up the environment as effectively as it could.

More pressingly, lower water pressure may also be a sign of a leak somewhere in the system, so it’s never a good thing to have in a boiler heated building.

Cost Effective SolutionIf you’re getting a new boiler installed in your home or workplace, you’re making a great investment.

New environmental systems always have a positive impact on the value of your property, and, if they are replacing older systems, the boost in efficiency always results in significantly lower energy bills.

This means this investment will pay for itself given enough time.

High Efficiency

A boiler can be efficient up to 90%, which is only slightly lower than the best furnaces, which are about 95% efficient. However, one area where boilers excel in total cost-effective efficiency is control.

You can heat up individual rooms with a boiler, whereas a furnace must heat up every room in a building, and you have to pay for all that. So if you have storage or guest rooms that don’t need as much heating, or just want your bedroom heated at night, you can do so and save!

If you live St. Louis, MO you’ve got access to modern HVAC systems of all types that can be easily installed by experienced professionals. Maybe a boiler is the right choice for you and your home or your workplace.